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I am a multi-faceted PR and Marketing professional by day and an ultimate sports enthusiast by night. When I am not securing media briefings for B2B and B2C tech clients, I can can go toe-to-toe with anyone about the advantages of a 3-4 defense and the idea of living by the jump shot and dying by the jump shot. I am a native Spanish speaker and Bay Area born and raised, offering a unique perspective on how to connect a brand to consumers whether it is through public relations, digital marketing or advertising. I am a goal-setter and a go-getter, always seeking ways to improve personally and professionally whether it is by reading a good book, setting informational interviews with sports executives or business industry leaders or learning a new skill. If you are not scared of your next your move then you are not growing. Being scared implies that you are doing something that makes you uncomfortable, and when you are out of your comfort zone you are growing. I like to think of this as my life motto. I am inquisitive by nature and I like to ask questions to get to the root and find solutions. My curiosity translates in my career whether I'm uncovering client objectives, navigating at networking events and building meaningful connections or coming up with creative solutions that exceed expectations.   


Get to know me and follow my journey as I make my next career move in the marketing communications field. Be sure to check my blog down below as I discuss my personal stories as it relates to job searching and self discovery. Lastly, I always welcome the opportunity for a good sit down conversation over coffee. 

May your choices reflect your hopes, and not your fears.


-Nelson Mandela 

About Me..

  • Life Long Learner- You can find me at a workshop, learning how to make my own website or practicing my public speaking

    • Women In Sports and Events, (WISE) Member and WISE Within Mentee Program​

    • Toastmasters Speaker

  • Networking Pro- Throughout my career, I've been successful at creating rapport with peers and C-level executives across the sports, business, media and advertising industries. I like to pick people's brains and ask questions. Asking questions is learning, and if you apply the advice you receive from people in positions you want to be in then the sky is the limit

  • Community Leader- Extending a helping hand and mentorship to students of all ages is a continued commitment of mine

    • As a Leadership Council Member, I taught an Abusive Relationships subject as part of the health curriculum to Oakland High School students that lacked a health class

  • Brand Ambassador- Connecting a product or service with consumers

    • Back in the day when I worked in insurance sales, I was the go-to bilingual sales person educating and providing recommendations to the undeserved Latino community on their auto policies and all their insurance needs. I was in charge of finding sponsorship opportunities and community outreach by representing the agency at chamber of commerce monthly mixers and local community events.

  • Sports Enthusiast- Since I was young I've had an unmatched passion for sports. When I watch, I don't just watch passively

    • As I watch games, I pay close attention to the analyst commentary, ads, sponsorships, in-game activations and partnerships

    • I got to walk in the Warriors Championship Parade in 2018! Below check out some epic pictures from my experience:


What I Do



Working in conjunction with B2C and B2B clients, and agencies in the tech, auto, retail and entertainment sectors, I have been able to brainstorm and uncover creative video advertising concepts, digital proposals, and activation ideas. Whether working individually or as part of a team, thinking out of the box comes naturally for me to bring solutions that will grow a client's presence.

Laptop Writing


I develop purpose-driven sales collateral and marketing one-sheets for external client or internal use. I uncover industry trends through research and summarize digital performance metrics to create upsell opportunities and influence decision making. I use tools such as Strata, Trendkite, Cision, Scarborough, Google Analytics and Sizmek, as well as subscription-based sites like eMarketer.



One of my strongest suits is relationship building with people across various industries and professional levels. This skill has been widely recognized and applauded by my peers and mentors. Whether it is connecting with individuals at events, setting informational interviews with C-level executives or collaborating with co-workers to finish a project I am successful at influencing and creating buy-in for a common goal.

Think like a customer.jpg


Whether it's building a multi-platform advertising campaign or pitching a byline I always have the consumer's end goal in mind. I anticipate how decisions are made and I am proactive when it comes to the planning, execution and reporting processes. I collaborate cross-functionally internally and with clients, agencies and sales leaders to understand client objectives and leverage top-level customized advertising solutions.




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