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Protecting Your Brand

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

As much as I like watching sports games, I also like to pay close attention to the hype and the ensuing aftermath that makes sports so entertaining. I wanted to touch on the Cowboy’s social media team and their questionable posts after losing to the 49ers in the 2023 playoffs. This inspired me to think about being intentional when positioning a client or brand and how brand mismanagement can create a negative brand image.

Whether in sports, business, or entertainment, how you position a team or client during a crisis or otherwise challenging times is important in moving forward.

After the loss, Cowboys’ social media team shared some discouraging tweets. Although the result wasn’t what the organization had hoped for, as the social media team in professional sports, you want to be optimistic despite the results. One of the tweets read, “Mike McCarthy took to the podium…to give his take on a season that had the opportunity to be special, but instead ended up being anything but.”

As a sports girlie and a comms professional, below are my takeaways on how to approach an unwelcome outcome that can be applied across industries:

1. Acknowledge the Issue

First things first. Own up to it. Being honest and genuine when acknowledging what transpired shows ownership. In this instance, recognize the team could have played better, but don’t self-sabotage. Doing so can create a negative brand image.

2. Reframe and Set the Tone

Place personal feelings aside. Prioritize protecting the client to position them in a positive light. Don’t throw a client or in this case, the team under the bus. You are here to protect them. You are not a Twitter troll. Leave that to the actual trolls.

3. Look Ahead

What are you going to do so this doesn’t happen again? In sports, losing is a natural part of the game and cannot be avoided, but you can control how you react. Fans and consumers, alike, can sense when a brand is genuine or misleading. When possible, share plans or next steps for moving forward.

Keep in mind, not only do these suggestions apply to brands and businesses but they can also be practiced in our personal lives and when dealing with personal conflict.

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2023

Good read. These are helpful tips that I’ll take into consideration for the brands I work with!

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